WE Global Viet Nam Company Ltd.

WE Global is a distributor of global leading brands, specializing in supply chain management by sourcing and supplying parts and materials for mobility, such as automobile including passenger cars, buses, coaches and trucks, as well as construction & mining equipment.

WE Global was established in Seoul, Korea with first-hand business experiences in various countries over the past several years.  WE Global embraces newness and adapts to the fast changing global environment in the industries and markets. It has an overseas subsidiary in Vietnam, owned by WE Global.

To contribute for the betterment of life in the countries we are present in and to grow together towards a bright future.

WE Global creates unmatched value by providing worldwide proven quality products and services for the satisfaction of our clients.

WE Global provides tailor-made solution to the clients through global partnerships and alliances by sharing capacities and establishing business platform for the long term growth.

WE Global provides both products of global brands and services for the OEM’s sales and aftersales, mainly related to the parts for commercial vehicles, heavy-duty construction and mining equipment in Vietnam and ASEAN.  WE Global is an authorized distributor or supplier of global automotive parts brands for Vietnam.  Our main products include engine, transmission, axle, suspension, retarder, fuel tank, wheels, tires, AdBlue/urea solution, battery, wiring harness, steel/plastic/FRP products (pipes, etc.) and related spare parts.